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Seche Vite

20 Jan

So back in the summer, during my trip to Sally’s, I bought Seche Vite top coat because the cashier recommended it. Before that point I had never heard of Seche Vite, all I know was that it had cost $13 this bottle of nail polish. I was sceptical about how “great” it was. To me, a top coat is a top coat, not much variation to difference brands.


I LOVE this top coat!! I actually makes the nail designs last longer, extended the polish from

getting its first chip. You can apply it onto painted nails that are not completely dry and it will completely dry very quickly, just don’t drag the brush too heavily or else it will smear your design (which I think is the case for most top coats anyways). The other reason I like this top coat is because it isn’t chucky, it dries solid and hard, even if I put a thick layer on it’s not thick and therefore won’t peel off like most other polishes. It’s great for designs because sometimes I go over a few of the parts multiple times so then it becomes raised and very bumpy on my nails, but the Seche Vite just smoothes it all out! It’s as if I only painted the design with one thin layer.


I am all for painting nails on a budget, since it’s just a hobby, but I think the Seche Vite is worth the buy. I have tried many different top coats and none of the others have outlasted, they would start chipping within a couple days and that’s with being careful. With Seche Vite, it held up after doing intense house cleaning and on average I find it lasts for at least 4-5 days before chipping. It gets my stamp of approval. I’d say it’s one of the staple in my collection.

You can get it now from London Drugs for $12. Very convenient rather than only being able to get it from beauty stores.



24 Sep

















Fluorescent Nails

13 Aug

Many people have been wearing the fluorescent nail polishes, most of the time on their toe nails, for summer so I thought I would try it myself.

Tip: apply white nail polish first before the fluorescent paint, this will make the polish look brighter.

I wanted to add a design over the fluorescent nails because I felt it was a bit much just on it’s own, the colour doesn’t look quite the same in the pictures. The yellow is more of a bright orange in person. The abstract flowers didn’t turn out quite how I wanted, but I still like it!

How to get this look:

  1. base coat (China Glaze)
  2. white polish (Essie – Blanc) – 2 layers
  3. fluorescent colour (China Glaze – Sun Worshiper) – 2 layers
  4. using a flat art brush, dip in a dark colour (China Glaze – First Mate) and then in the fluorescent colour you had used, make stroke in a swirling motion from outward from a central point
  5. using a thinner art brush, dip in the white and a bit of the original fluorescent colour, roughly brush on top of the pedal


Polishes (from left to right): First Mate (China Glaze), Sun Worshiper(China Glaze), Blanc (Essie), Top Coat (OPI), Fast Dry Top Coat (Seche Vite), Base Coat (China Glaze)


For my one hand, I tried the OPI and the other I tried the Seche Vite top coat. The store clerk had been raving about the Seche Vite Top Coat and how it gives a great shine to your nails, but I found that it wasn’t any different from the OPI in terms of the shine. The quality of the Seche Vite was better because my nails were a lot smoother, even with the design, but for the price of $10, I don’t think it is worth it. I am sure any other top coat would work just as well.

Adventure to Sally’s

13 Aug

On Friday I went to Sally’s (Unit C165-12477 88TH Ave in Surrey) with my sister, Jade, and her friend, Loretta. This was the first time I had gone to this beauty shop, so I didn’t know what to expect. I had originally heard of Sally’s from my friend, Susan, who was telling me about the China Glaze brand which I had not heard about until last month.

Sally’s was a sale for China for $4.99, which was great because I had wanted to get a bunch of their colours to test out and they had a lot of colours to choose from. Aside from a whole aisle of nail products, they also had a bunch of skin and hair products. I bought a couple of their skin care products, so we’ll see how they turn out, whether they were worth my buy.

I ended up spending $160 and got all this for it (the bag was free with any purchase over $30)




















The big bottle of Warm O Lotion, manicure treatment, was something I wanted to test out since I’ve never really gone through doing manicure treatments.

The products I am most excited to use, other than the nail polishes, are the nail polish thinner (restores old polish consistency) and the nail polish & art wheel (colour wheels and as design templates).

Here’s a closer look at all the nail polish colours I bought









Left to right: Seche Vite (dry fast top coat), China Glaze (base coat), Finger Paints (Hue Left a Message?), China Glaze (First Mate), China Glaze (Avalanche), China Glaze (Deviantly Daring), China Glaze (Unpredictable), China Glaze (Ingrid), China Glaze (Innocence), China Glaze (Sun Worshiper)

The Seche Vite was suggested by the store clerk as being a great top coat that dries quickly and is super shiny. It was quite pricy, at $10.

I will keep you posted as to the how I like the products I have bought and will probably do a review on the China Glaze brand in a week or so, after I’ve had a chance to test out a few of the polishes