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Seche Vite

20 Jan

So back in the summer, during my trip to Sally’s, I bought Seche Vite top coat because the cashier recommended it. Before that point I had never heard of Seche Vite, all I know was that it had cost $13 this bottle of nail polish. I was sceptical about how “great” it was. To me, a top coat is a top coat, not much variation to difference brands.


I LOVE this top coat!! I actually makes the nail designs last longer, extended the polish from

getting its first chip. You can apply it onto painted nails that are not completely dry and it will completely dry very quickly, just don’t drag the brush too heavily or else it will smear your design (which I think is the case for most top coats anyways). The other reason I like this top coat is because it isn’t chucky, it dries solid and hard, even if I put a thick layer on it’s not thick and therefore won’t peel off like most other polishes. It’s great for designs because sometimes I go over a few of the parts multiple times so then it becomes raised and very bumpy on my nails, but the Seche Vite just smoothes it all out! It’s as if I only painted the design with one thin layer.


I am all for painting nails on a budget, since it’s just a hobby, but I think the Seche Vite is worth the buy. I have tried many different top coats and none of the others have outlasted, they would start chipping within a couple days and that’s with being careful. With Seche Vite, it held up after doing intense house cleaning and on average I find it lasts for at least 4-5 days before chipping. It gets my stamp of approval. I’d say it’s one of the staple in my collection.

You can get it now from London Drugs for $12. Very convenient rather than only being able to get it from beauty stores.



24 Sep

















Fluorescent Nails

13 Aug

Many people have been wearing the fluorescent nail polishes, most of the time on their toe nails, for summer so I thought I would try it myself.

Tip: apply white nail polish first before the fluorescent paint, this will make the polish look brighter.

I wanted to add a design over the fluorescent nails because I felt it was a bit much just on it’s own, the colour doesn’t look quite the same in the pictures. The yellow is more of a bright orange in person. The abstract flowers didn’t turn out quite how I wanted, but I still like it!

How to get this look:

  1. base coat (China Glaze)
  2. white polish (Essie – Blanc) – 2 layers
  3. fluorescent colour (China Glaze – Sun Worshiper) – 2 layers
  4. using a flat art brush, dip in a dark colour (China Glaze – First Mate) and then in the fluorescent colour you had used, make stroke in a swirling motion from outward from a central point
  5. using a thinner art brush, dip in the white and a bit of the original fluorescent colour, roughly brush on top of the pedal


Polishes (from left to right): First Mate (China Glaze), Sun Worshiper(China Glaze), Blanc (Essie), Top Coat (OPI), Fast Dry Top Coat (Seche Vite), Base Coat (China Glaze)


For my one hand, I tried the OPI and the other I tried the Seche Vite top coat. The store clerk had been raving about the Seche Vite Top Coat and how it gives a great shine to your nails, but I found that it wasn’t any different from the OPI in terms of the shine. The quality of the Seche Vite was better because my nails were a lot smoother, even with the design, but for the price of $10, I don’t think it is worth it. I am sure any other top coat would work just as well.

O Canada

1 Jul

Happy Canada Day! Hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend.

This is from last year. I just painted a red maple leaf on a clear background. It didn’t stand out as much as this year, having white behind it makes the maple leaf pop.

How to:

  1. base coat
  2. paint the sides with red (2 coats)
  3. paint the middle with white (2 coats)
  4. using a thin brush, paint a maple leaf at the center of each nail
  5. top coat

***Very important to wait a couple hours for the leaves to dry or else it will smudge! I was impatient with my right hand because the blue from my hair was staining the white, so I put the top coat on after only 15mins, and the red from the maple leaves bled into the white (does not look as nice). Patience is a virtue.

Polishes used: Base Coat (OPI), Red Carpet (Xtreme), Blanco (Essie), Top Coat (OPI)


5 May

I don’t think the most expensive brands are necessarily the best, it’s all about preference. Almost all polishes are the same, one doesn’t last longer than others for me, what makes my nails last longer is how I take care of them. Even using the same nail polish with last a different amount of time on your nails before chipping, that’s just because we use our hands for everything, check out my “Prolonging Polished Nails ” post for some helpful tips. Being cost effective will help you expand your collection without spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars. Buy a few polishes at a time to see if you like the brand, then from there you can buy more if you do. Different people like different brands for various reasons, so test them out yourself first. A lot of people are in love with OPI, not sure if it’s because of brand loyalty, but I’m not a fan of the price ($10). I think any nail polish works just as well for the fraction of the price. Really you are paying for the array of colours they have available and the brand name. Yes, OPI is great if you’re looking for the precise shade, but since I’m poor and don’t want to pay very much for my collection, I mix my existing colours to the shade I want (as I have mentioned in my earlier post), mind you I’m not that picky when it comes to the “right colour”. I’m sure many would disagree with me and is adamant on the perfect shade, but for my purpose, close is good enough. I’m not saying that OPI is bad, just that for my budget it’s too high to buy many polishes from there. I do have a couple OPI nail polishes (mostly just use the base coat and top coat), which I like, but there are other cheaper brands that are just as good. I like OPI’s base and top coat polishes, honestly, haven’t really tried any others yet. I’ll keep you posted about other brands for base and top coat polishes as I try different ones.

OPI‘s pros is that that it is easy to apply, a good polish (not too thick or thin), good brush, lots of colours to choose from. The con is the price.

Essie is another more expensive brand, but I do prefer it over OPI. I really like the polish, it goes on very nice and even. They have a pretty good selection of colours, still not as vast as OPI’s collection. The quality of the colour is great, I have the ‘Blanc’ and it looks good, doesn’t look like i have whiteout on my nails like some other collections of whites. With the cost being a bit more on the pricier end, I only bought Essie’s black and white since they are essential base colours for most of my designs. I would suggest that if there is a colour that you often wear as a solid colour or as a base colour for your designs, get it from Essie, I really like their quality and colours. As with OPI, a nail polish collection from this brand would be very costly (hundreds of dollars invested), but a couple of polishes would be good to have.

I prefer the Xtreme Wear from Sally Hansen, it works really well for me and is probably my favourite brand right now (will probably change in the future as I try more brands out). I like this brand because the polish is a nice consistency, the brush is easy to use, it’s pretty quick to dry and it is cheap (at $4). Overall, it is easy to use and cheap, so it is great for someone starting off. The down side to Xtreme is that their colour choice is very limiting.

Insta-Dri by Sally Hansen has nice bright colours, but I am not a fan of the “squared” brush, it makes it difficult to stay just on the nail especially in the corner spots.

Rimmel’s Lasting Finish Pro has the same brush as the Insta-Dri, but the Rimmel’s brush is thinner so it is a bit easier to use. The polish isn’t great, I find it quite thin so I had to put about 4 layers on. I prefer polishes where I only have to put 2 layers to get the desired look.

Recently, I bought Nicole, by OPI (didn’t realize that it was an OPI collection until now actually…). I got the ‘Nickle’ and the ‘Brilliant idea’, both are very sparkly, which is what caught my eye. 2 coats and my nail’s sparkling already, 3 and it’s overload for me (I’m sure most would actually like 3 coats of this). The problem that I found with this one is that it started peeling off before the end of the day. It would peel off chucks at a time, I would rather polishes chipping than peeling. I could literally peel off the entire polish from my nail in one go, actually did that for a few since it was coming off. Mind you, I had applied the polish straight to my nail without a colour or a base coat underneath, might have been better and lasted longer if I had. I just didn’t realize about base coats until recently and now I can’t do my nails without a base coat (keeps your nails healthy and from turning yellow), more on base coats check out “A Few Things“.

Right now, my favourite colour is  the ‘Red Carpet’ (by Xtreme Wear). It is the perfect red colour for me and the glitter in it isn’t over powering, it is subtle and it helps bring the colour alive. What is your favourite nail polish colour?

used here: ‘Gunmetal’ and ‘Red Carpet’, both are by Xtreme Wear. These pictures don’t accurately portray the bright red colour, the next picture I have already posted in my blog, but I think shows off the red better.

Most of my nail polishes are Sally Hansen, did not realize this either because they have so many different collection names. Try the different brands out and tell me if you have a preference, which you like and dislike.

Prolonging Polished Nails

3 May

I still have not figured out the secret (if there is one) to keeping my nails unchipped after a week. BUT I have found a few things to be helpful to the longevity of them.

  1. Touch screen keyboard on your cell phone. I usually hate touch screen keyboards cause it’s not as accurate as a keyboard, but this actually helps to prolong the first chip. I love my Blackberry Torch because I can choose to use the touch screen function when I’ve got my nails done, but use the keyboard when they aren’t painted, which is usually the case.
  2. Try not to put so many thick layers. The more layers the thicker it is, and the easier the nail polish will peel/chip off.
  3. Let each layer COMPLETELY dry before adding the next coat. I am an impatient person that this one is sometimes difficult to follow. Since I do my own nails at home, I read/watch shows/Facebook inbetween each layer.
  4. Most recently, I discovered that by applying a Base Coat first, my nail polish lasts longer on my nails. I use OPI Base Coat.
  5. Avoid doing hard work with your hands. Even though putting off house work is not quite an option, this could be one reason to postpone it.
  6. Apply your top coat to the edge of the nail, this will help prevent the edge of the polish from snagging.

When chips do happen, touch them up right away so that they don’t become any larger (chips prone to chipping more) or you can take this time to change the look up by adding sparkle/crackle nail polish on top.

I find that sparkly nails hide chipped nails better than solid coloured nails.

A Few Things

12 Apr

My nail polish collection is small, not tiny, but I wish I had more variety. I don’t even have all the colours, most of the time I have to mix the polishes. This is my collection after 1 year. I don’t have fancy tools, the fanciest thing I have are long thin brushes, honestly you can just use like a cheap thin paint brush. I doodle, practice, or test a design out to see if I like it on paper first. The sheet at the bottom middle of the third picture was something I used to keep a log of the different designs I came up with, so that in the future I could used one I had already done or one from my templates.


These were given to me from my aunt in Australia, which I have mentioned in my first post.  Anyways, my point is, work with what you have.  Of course there are some essentials that I would suggest having: black and white (of course), your favourite nail polish colours, clear top coat, a base coat (recently learned), and a thin brush (only if you want to do designs).

Mixing colours is totally fine, turns out and people don’t even know. I have been using paper, but switched to a plastic sheet so that it doesn’t absorb all my paint. For the longest time I didn’t have any green polish, except for “Mint Sorbet” (by Xtreme), but that was not a vibrant green that I usually want to use.  I’d mix blue and yellow, the green always came out a different shade since I’d wing it, but oh well I’d just go with it. The green from my “Go Canucks Go” nails (the post prior to this one) were mixed. For Christmas, my boyfriend bought multiple green nail polishes, nail art pens and crackle polish (which I will get into in later posts). I finally got green nail polish! It’s great, but I’m still mixing for green and other colours because you never have the exact shade you want, unless you have a collection of like 100 different nail polishes.

While I was experimenting with different things, I tried making sparkling nail polish. In my mind, it made sense to just add the desired sparkles to the paint colour you want, then mixing it together. No, do not do that haha. I ended up getting a granulated goop.  I learned that to get the effect, just paint your nails the colour you want and while the it’s still wet, sprinkle the sparkle on top.


Base Coat:

I only recently started using a base coat, didn’t ever use one cause I thought it’s a waste of money, but it does help to keep my polished nails lasting longer (not for weeks, but for several days). Also, it helps to prevent your nails from going yellow, which for those of you who paint their nails regularly, you know that that happens. For those who have not used a base coat, I suggest trying it. Although I’m sure everyone’s already using it, not like I’m discovering anything new in the universe, but it’s new to me.


The storage of your nail polishes and equipment doesn’t have to be fancy. I know many people have professional make-up/nail kits, like the OPI Nail Storage Box, but you really don’t need one. It’d probably be very nice to keep your polishes in them, but I think it’s a waste of money. I’d rather spend that money on polishes and supplies. I keep my nail stuff in a box, a shoe box is a bit big for my collection, I think shoe boxes are a great storage item. If you have lots of stuff, you can use multiple boxes and just stack them in the corner for storage.

Doing nails as a hobby doesn’t have to be expensive!