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the Great Gatsby

12 Mar

For my birthday, I had a Great Gatsby themed dinner.






Headpiece (being creative since I couldn’t quite find anything similar to what I had envisioned – the peacock was from a keychain):






80’s Glam

12 Nov

Over the long weekend, it was one of my best friends’ birthday. The theme to her party was 80’s glam. To go with my outfit I had to my nails equally as awesome to fit the theme.

How to:

  1. base coat
  2. paint vibrant colour, one thick layer or 2 thinner layers
  3. tape the strips of tape on an angle (use a new piece of tape for each nail, I made the mistake of trying to reuse them and it just smeared my design)
  4. paint black nail polish over the whole nail
  5. wait a few minutes and then peel off the tape
  6. touch up and edges or smears (I had to basically redo that whole left hand, the edges are as sharp as I was hoping for because I had to freehand every line)
  7. top coat


Polishes:  Flashy Fuchsia (Insta-Dri), Lightening (Insta-Dri), Pacific Blue (Xtreme Wear), Licorice (Essie), Fast Dry Top Coat (Seche Vite), Base Coat (China Glaze)



Me and the birthday girl


I can’t wait to try different colour combinations! I will definitely do this look again on my nails.