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Embracing Curves

6 May

Curves and swirls are so much harder for me to paint than straight lines. They look nice, but are very time consume. These are some of my attempts. Still got a lot of practising to do!

Try: a brush with shorter bristles with the control when painting swirls



















Easy Way to Impress!

3 Mar


Deceivingly fast and easy!!

1) Choose your colours, I would go with 3 to 5 different colours. These are the colours I used:


2) Go through each colour, painting different sections of the nails. It doesn’t have to be neat since you will be outlining each box:













3) Outline the boxes (I couldn’t decide between white or black, so I tested both and went with the black because it stood out better than with the white):



4) Add extra stripes if you want. It’s another level of detail/uniqueness. Make it your own:



Play around with colour combinations and patterns. Happy Painting!






18 Feb

I haven’t done my nails for so long! Love this colour from Naked Nail kit called Urban Decay. All the colours in this set are such great colours.


IMAG0777     IMAG0781



















Playing with Lines

13 Mar





Test out different colour combinations and line patterns. It’s fun and easy!


New Designs

10 Mar






Nail Stamp

13 Dec

One of the main reasons i went to Sally’s was to try and find a nail stamp. I never found it, they have a bunch online for cheap, but I don’t usually buy things online so I just left it. One day in Wal-mart I see a nail stamp package at the check-out, with the impulse buys. I had to buy it, it was only $14. The kit comes with a nail stamp stick, design plates, and scraper.


I’ve heard this thing is quite finicky and takes just as long to use as doing the designs freehand.

I don’t use it very often because the prints that it comes with aren’t so great and it is a bit tedious, but it is nice to have because it produces the same image every time (the quality is debatable, you just have to take a look at the stamp, make sure the whole image made it on the stamp, before transferring it to your nail).

I found that for this technique, it works best with an older polish, more goopy and thick so that the design is solid and more noticeable. This is great cause then my old polishes don’t go to waste.


This is what you get when you use a newer, thinner polish, the design isn’t as bold. The white is stamped on to the blue here.


Steps for using the stamp:

  1. Place polish on image stencil plate
  2. Using the scraper, run it across the design with one fast smooth motion (apply pressure), to get rid of the access polish. If you didn’t take off all the access polish, scrape the section again.
  3. Stamp the image from the design plate to the stamp stick. Be sure pick up the entire image, apply some pressure and rock the stick from one side to the other
  4. Check to see that the design on the stamp stick looks like how you want it to on your nail. If a portion of it did not transfer or it smeared, redo it (steps 7 and 8, then steps 1-3).
  5. Align the design with your nail in the orientation that you want it
  6. Using the rocking motion again, press the stamp onto your nail

        Ta Da!! One nail is done!

Clean up, must be done each time, between every nail:

  1. Using a Q-tip, get it wet with nail polish remover and clean up the stamp stick and stencil design plate
  2. The scraper will have an access of polish stuck to it, it is helpfully to wipe it on a napkin before rubbing it with the Q-tip
  3. Now, repeat steps 1-6 (stamping) and then steps 1-3 (cleaning) for each nail

Work quickly to get the best results. You don’t want the polish to dry on the design plate or stuck to the stamp stick because then you won’t get the complete picture onto your nail.



I am not a big fan of the design plates that came in my nail package. The images are mostly just flowers and kiddie picture, which are kind of big in size, one image would take up your whole nail. I would rather have varying sizes so that I can double/triple up on some designs. The individual images are bigger than preferred, but I find that the “wallpaper” design, used for the whole nail, is too small. I had to use the design twice to cover the whole nail, which is very difficult because it’s like lining up wall paper, but smaller scale and from a secondary source (the stamper).


Here you can see where the edges are where the design doesn’t line up because I was just winging it and didn’t bother trying to line up the stars in particular. I think even if I were to try, it would not work very well anyways.







30 Nov

I think the gradient look is best achieved with a spray or acrylic to get a slower progression in colour intensity. Since I don’t work with either of those application methods, I thought that using sparkles would be an easier way to achieve this look. I used sparkle because you don’t see the starting brush line as much.

paint the top 3/4 of your nail, wait to dry

paint the top 1/2 of your nail, wait to dry

paint the top 1/4 of your nail, wait to dry

if you don’t see the progression very well, you can add a layer or two to the tip of your nail to intensify the sparkle.