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the Great Gatsby

12 Mar

For my birthday, I had a Great Gatsby themed dinner.






Headpiece (being creative since I couldn’t quite find anything similar to what I had envisioned – the peacock was from a keychain):





24 Sep

















Stylish Poka Dots

8 Sep

I am very proud of this design I came up with. I think it looks great, maybe my new favourite design.

It was super easy. The longest part was waiting for the 2 coats to completely dry. The dots were fast and easy because I used a dotting tool. You can use a toothpick, the end of a paint brush, or basically anything that is pointed.



8 Sep

This lace look can be achieved in many different ways. Freehand painting, pieces of lace, stickers, or stamps.

I went to Sally’s looking for the stamp so that I could try it out cause lace looks so nice when using the stamp, where it can be very detailed.

Freehand is very time consuming, possibly the most. I don’t know how I even had the patience to do all of my nails. Both of these were done using a thin brush, all freehand.



These pictures were taken before I applied the Top Coat.

6 Jul

Black and White

22 May

I think black and white nails are classic. Goes with everything. You can dress up the nails by adding a splash of colour or substituting either white or black with silver/gold.

Polishes: Blanc (Essie), Licorice (Essie), White (Kiss Nail Art Paint), Gems

I painted my nails solid white (Essie Blanc) then painted a thick black stripe (using Essie Licorice) off centered. The thin white strip on top was achieved using the thin brush (Kiss Nail Art Paint). To dress these nails up, I put pink and red heart gems. The gems add some colour and a 3D depth to the nail art.

Polishes: Black Salon Expert (Maybelline), Silver (L.A. Colours), Pink and Purple Nail Pens (Sally Hansen)

Here I used silver instead of white. Black base colour, then painting the silver polish on a diagonal line. In the middle I used the nail pens (by Sally Hansen), to do the pink heart then painted a bit of purple on top. You can outline the hearts in the purple if you prefer, it will give a cleaner look.

Polishes: Licorice (Essie), White (Kiss Nail Art Paint), Virtual Violet (Xtreme Wear), Base Coat (OPI), Top Coat (OPI), Matte Top Coat (Butter)

For the latice nails, paint your nails black then paint the diagonal lines with a thin brush, very important to have a steady hand so practice before painting. I found it a bit awkward to paint the lines. On top, I used a Matte top coat (this was a gift given to me by my best friend, Winnie. I have been wanting to try a matted top coat for over a month now). This was the first time I used it, very exciting! You probably can’t tell the difference with this design and lighting, but I will write a post on how I like the matted top coat in the near future. For the two nails (ring and middle fingers), paint them a solid black then I used a brush (you can use a make up sponge) starting from the tip of the nail dabbing the polish on towards the base of the nail. This gives a slight gradient look. If you want more of a dramatic gradient, do multiple layers closer to the tip of the nail to get a darker colour. I only did one layer of the Virtual Violet (Xtreme Wear) on top of the black. Then finished it off with a glossy top coat. I will definitely do this one again! Love it! – and a thanks to my friend Arshad, who took the picture.

After doing my nails, I thought they were more plain than I had imagined, but looking at them in this picture, I was instantly in love. This is one of my favourites. Simple, elegant, and different. I love asymmetrical nails. I think in this case the two solid black nails add a little something different to the hands.

Elegant Nails

13 May

I want to take a moment to say Happy Mother’s Day! My mom is currently away on a trip, so I will post my msg to her here.
Mom, thank your for all your love and support. I know you had to endure a lot especially while us kids were growing up. I don’t say this enough, I love you and thank you.

Now on to nails, I love an elegant looking nail. It’s more enjoyable to wear than themed nails (such as pac-man or flag nails), but they are less appreciated or noticed by others.


A classic is the french manicure. I dressed it up with a few black flowers. I love simple black and white, very clean that goes with any outfit

Polishes used: Base Coat (OPI), Blanc (Essie), Black (Kiss Nail Art Paint), White (Kiss Nail Art Paint), Top Coat (OPI)

1) base coat
2) paint Blanc on your tips, 2 coats (I free handed this, but you can you can use a piece of tape to get a straighter line)
-you can use tape to line the tips
3) paint the flowers on (start with the black petals, doesn’t have to be perfect, when because you get the look of individual flowers when you put the white for the center)
-for this step you can use and black and white nail polish, just needs a thin brush to apply
4) top coat



















Another French tipped nail, but here I have changed the colour to be darker with a nice sparkle. I think it makes the look more sophisticated and really stands out.

Polishes used: Base Coat (OPI), Gunmetal (Xtreme Wear), Nickle (Nicole OPI), Top Coat (OPI)

Steps are similar (basic french manicure) to the design I have listed for the design
1) base coat
2) paint Gunmetal on your tips (I free handed this, but you can you can use a piece of tape to get a straighter line)
3) put the Nickle ontop of the Gunmetal (if you had it taped, keep it on til you finish this step)
4) top coat



A fast and easy way to dress up a polish colour you enjoy wearing, add flowers, if your into that.

1) I mixed a white polish with a shimmery tan colour I have. This will be the base. Paint your entire nails with 2 coats
2) draw your flower design, here I kept it simple by only using red and gold
3) add the center dots, I just used white and blue to contrast with the petal outline

You can use any colours you like, purple and gold would be pretty too. I am a big fan of the gold because it gives more of a subtle look (especially since it is close to the shimmery tan colour). Gold/silver on black would be nice to try too.



Polishes used: Slick Slate (Insta-Dri), Flirt (Xtreme Wear), Blue-Away (Insta-Dri)

1) paint the entire nail Slick Slate
2) sweep the Flirt polish from one corner arching to the other (easiest to your a regular nail brush rather than the squared brush you find on Insta-Dri)
-could try using a circular piece of sticker, perhaps one like those reinforcers for paper holes.
3) add Blue-Away dots then flower design with a thin brush



This is my favourite design and colour combination so far. Very simple because you are using a sparkled nail polish, lines do not have to be as perfect.

Polishes used: Flirt (Xtreme Wear), Strobe light (Xtreme Wear), Gold paint (asian brand)

1) paint entire nail Flirt
2) paint top portion of the nail Strobe light, instead of painting it straight across (horizontally) I did a slight slant to it
3) sweep the Gold polish with a thin brush to give a whimsical affect and a bit of extra colour


This next one is the exact same design, but just using different colours.

Polishes used: Base Coat (OPI), Licorice (Essie), Nickel (Nicole OPI), Virtual Violet (Xtreme Wear), Top Coat (OPI)

Which of these designs is your favourite?