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30 Nov

I think the gradient look is best achieved with a spray or acrylic to get a slower progression in colour intensity. Since I don’t work with either of those application methods, I thought that using sparkles would be an easier way to achieve this look. I used sparkle because you don’t see the starting brush line as much.

paint the top 3/4 of your nail, wait to dry

paint the top 1/2 of your nail, wait to dry

paint the top 1/4 of your nail, wait to dry

if you don’t see the progression very well, you can add a layer or two to the tip of your nail to intensify the sparkle.







80’s Glam

12 Nov

Over the long weekend, it was one of my best friends’ birthday. The theme to her party was 80’s glam. To go with my outfit I had to my nails equally as awesome to fit the theme.

How to:

  1. base coat
  2. paint vibrant colour, one thick layer or 2 thinner layers
  3. tape the strips of tape on an angle (use a new piece of tape for each nail, I made the mistake of trying to reuse them and it just smeared my design)
  4. paint black nail polish over the whole nail
  5. wait a few minutes and then peel off the tape
  6. touch up and edges or smears (I had to basically redo that whole left hand, the edges are as sharp as I was hoping for because I had to freehand every line)
  7. top coat


Polishes:  Flashy Fuchsia (Insta-Dri), Lightening (Insta-Dri), Pacific Blue (Xtreme Wear), Licorice (Essie), Fast Dry Top Coat (Seche Vite), Base Coat (China Glaze)



Me and the birthday girl


I can’t wait to try different colour combinations! I will definitely do this look again on my nails.