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24 Sep



















24 Sep

These are just some pictures from my fundraiser for the Ovarian Cancer Awareness month. If you want to read more about it, you can take a look at my earlier post;




























Thank you to everyone who made it out to my fundraiser and to those who donated to the Ovarian Cancer Canada!!!

Hope to see you at my next nails painting fundraiser!

Stylish Poka Dots

8 Sep

I am very proud of this design I came up with. I think it looks great, maybe my new favourite design.

It was super easy. The longest part was waiting for the 2 coats to completely dry. The dots were fast and easy because I used a dotting tool. You can use a toothpick, the end of a paint brush, or basically anything that is pointed.



8 Sep

This lace look can be achieved in many different ways. Freehand painting, pieces of lace, stickers, or stamps.

I went to Sally’s looking for the stamp so that I could try it out cause lace looks so nice when using the stamp, where it can be very detailed.

Freehand is very time consuming, possibly the most. I don’t know how I even had the patience to do all of my nails. Both of these were done using a thin brush, all freehand.



These pictures were taken before I applied the Top Coat.

Ovarian Cancer Canada

2 Sep

Ovarian Cancer Canada | Cancer de l'ovaire Canada

September is Ovarian Cancer Canada awareness month! Wear teal and spread the word. There are many misconceptions about ovarian cancer. There is no definitive screening test to detect this disease. Survival rate is very low for ovarian cancer and that is because diagnose usually happens at the later stages.

Every year over 2600 Canadian women are diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer, and 1750 of these women  succumb to the disease

Some misconceptions about ovarian cancer:

  1. A Pap smear does not detect ovarian cancer
  2. HPV vaccine helps prevent cervical cancer, not ovarian cancer

I have recently started volunteering with this group in June and think that they are a great organization. Small, which means less of the money raised goes into admin cost, but nationwide.

Ovarian Cancer Canada is a registered Canadian charitable organization whose mission is to overcome ovarian cancer, providing leadership by:
• Supporting women living with the disease and their families
• Raising awareness in the general public and with health care professionals
• Funding research to develop early detection techniques, improved treatment and, ultimately, a cure

For more information, check out their website:

They have their Walk of Hope Fundraiser on September 9th:

Doing my part:

I will be wearing teal, spreading the word, fundraising, and volunteering with Ovarian Cancer Canada on their awareness initiatives this month.

For my fundraiser, I thought that I would hold an open house for my friends to come over and get their nails painted by me for a donation of $5. This is great to raise some cash for a good cause (making a difference, small or large it’s still a difference to someone out there), to raise awareness, and to spend time with friends Obviously, my proceeds will be going to Ovarian Cancer Canada. I encourage you nail lovers to do some sort of fundraising event also!!

I came up with this template for my guests to choose from if they don’t want a solid colour. This is my first nails fundraiser, I hope it goes well! If it does, I will definitely do it again.

Please do your part to spread the word!!!

Attempt: My Bowl of Fruit

2 Sep

Thumb to little finger: watermelon, strawberry, apple, orange, blackberry

Little finger to thumb: kiwi, blueberry, dragonfruit, lemon, cantaloupe