Sponge Effect

16 Aug

I bought make-up sponges just to try out this technique. This is an easy and fast way to dress up your nails, adding colour to your look as well. Literally took me 10mins to do because since the amount of polish actually on your nail is thinned out with sponge, it dries so much quicker so you don’t have to wait as long between layers. Plus, even if it’s not completely dry, that fine since you want it to look slightly blended with each colour anyways.

Polishes used: Base Coat (OPI), Angora Cardi (Essie), Violet (Revlon Top Speed), Yellow (Butter), Top Coat (OPI)

How to get this look:

  1. base coat
  2. sponge on the purple to just the top half of the nail
  3. dipping the sponge into the yellow and pink, dab these colours on top of the purple
  4. top coat


The quality of these photos are not the greatest, but I think the first picture portrays these nails the best, closest to what they look like in-person.

I will definitely use this sponging technique again and try to perfect it


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