BC Day!

6 Aug

Happy BC Day everyone! Hope you’re enjoying the long weekend. I know I am!




For the solid yellow nails, I used a new polish that I had bought from the local Farmer’s Market (which happen every Wednesday at Surrey Central in from of the North Surrey Rec Centre). This booth was called  )(Seraphina. It’s homemade products that supposedly have less chemicals, the lady was selling a bunch of nail polishes, lip balms, make-up, and soap. So anyways, I bought 3 from her (3 for $10). She had a lot of great colours, but I thought I’d buy colours I don’t already have and ones that are unique inwhich I have not seen at the drug store.

The bronze and the light blue are super sparkly. You only need to apply one layer, which I love because I am usually lazy to wait for the first layer to dry and then painting another layer.

The one I used for my nails this week is obviously the yellow one (in the middle), this one I had to apply 2 layers and I think it would look even better if I had done one more layer.

It comes in a cute little bottle, but I can see myself using it up pretty quickly, which is actually good I guess so that it is used up before it dries out.


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