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Simple and Easy

12 Jul



Polishes used: Blanc (Essie), Black is Black (Salon Expert), Gunmetal (Xtreme), Cheeky Chops (Butter), Top Coat and Base Coat of course.

I would suggest holding off on the Top Coat for as long as you can, a few hours perhaps. I put my Top Coat on the next day and it still streaked a couple of my lines a tiny bit on a couple of nails.

Play around with colours, you can do each nail a different combination of colours. I was going to do black base colour with white and yellow lines, I would probably like that better, but I was planning on wearing a dark outfit.


6 Jul

O Canada

1 Jul

Happy Canada Day! Hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend.

This is from last year. I just painted a red maple leaf on a clear background. It didn’t stand out as much as this year, having white behind it makes the maple leaf pop.

How to:

  1. base coat
  2. paint the sides with red (2 coats)
  3. paint the middle with white (2 coats)
  4. using a thin brush, paint a maple leaf at the center of each nail
  5. top coat

***Very important to wait a couple hours for the leaves to dry or else it will smudge! I was impatient with my right hand because the blue from my hair was staining the white, so I put the top coat on after only 15mins, and the red from the maple leaves bled into the white (does not look as nice). Patience is a virtue.

Polishes used: Base Coat (OPI), Red Carpet (Xtreme), Blanco (Essie), Top Coat (OPI)