24 Jun

This look can be used with all different colours. You can used different shades of one colour or change it up and use multiple colours!








Polishes used: Base Coat (OPI), Blue Me Away! (Xtreme Wear), Blue-Away (Insta-Dri), Silver (Kiss Nail Art Paint), Top Coat (OPI)

1) base coat

2) paint Blue Away on a diagonal slant just on the top portion of your nail (about halfway down the nail and drag your brush to the opposite corner)
-you can use tape to make the line straight

3) apply the Blue Me Away! with a fine tip brush. I found that it was easier to do the lines that were parallel to the line (if taped, parallel to that) first. Try and make the lines as straight and parallel as you can because this will determine the sharpness of the effect. Paint two of the lines close together, then leave a larger gap and then paint the two closer lines.

4)  using the same method and colour, paint the perpendicular lines. I found it easier to go from the midline to the tip of the nail. Try to make these parallel to each other. Using the same spacing concept as the previous step. Two lines close, large gap, then two lines close.

5) paint a thin silver line on the other side of the plaid pattern, just to add a little something to the look (optional)

6) top coat

Along with trying different colours for the plaid look, try painting different widths for the lines (thick lines with thin lines) or different spacings between the lines.  Happy Painting!



One Response to “Plaid”

  1. Adventures in Polishland June 24, 2012 at 12:56 pm #

    very cute!

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