Black and White

22 May

I think black and white nails are classic. Goes with everything. You can dress up the nails by adding a splash of colour or substituting either white or black with silver/gold.

Polishes: Blanc (Essie), Licorice (Essie), White (Kiss Nail Art Paint), Gems

I painted my nails solid white (Essie Blanc) then painted a thick black stripe (using Essie Licorice) off centered. The thin white strip on top was achieved using the thin brush (Kiss Nail Art Paint). To dress these nails up, I put pink and red heart gems. The gems add some colour and a 3D depth to the nail art.

Polishes: Black Salon Expert (Maybelline), Silver (L.A. Colours), Pink and Purple Nail Pens (Sally Hansen)

Here I used silver instead of white. Black base colour, then painting the silver polish on a diagonal line. In the middle I used the nail pens (by Sally Hansen), to do the pink heart then painted a bit of purple on top. You can outline the hearts in the purple if you prefer, it will give a cleaner look.

Polishes: Licorice (Essie), White (Kiss Nail Art Paint), Virtual Violet (Xtreme Wear), Base Coat (OPI), Top Coat (OPI), Matte Top Coat (Butter)

For the latice nails, paint your nails black then paint the diagonal lines with a thin brush, very important to have a steady hand so practice before painting. I found it a bit awkward to paint the lines. On top, I used a Matte top coat (this was a gift given to me by my best friend, Winnie. I have been wanting to try a matted top coat for over a month now). This was the first time I used it, very exciting! You probably can’t tell the difference with this design and lighting, but I will write a post on how I like the matted top coat in the near future. For the two nails (ring and middle fingers), paint them a solid black then I used a brush (you can use a make up sponge) starting from the tip of the nail dabbing the polish on towards the base of the nail. This gives a slight gradient look. If you want more of a dramatic gradient, do multiple layers closer to the tip of the nail to get a darker colour. I only did one layer of the Virtual Violet (Xtreme Wear) on top of the black. Then finished it off with a glossy top coat. I will definitely do this one again! Love it! – and a thanks to my friend Arshad, who took the picture.

After doing my nails, I thought they were more plain than I had imagined, but looking at them in this picture, I was instantly in love. This is one of my favourites. Simple, elegant, and different. I love asymmetrical nails. I think in this case the two solid black nails add a little something different to the hands.


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  1. crazynailpolishgirl June 2, 2012 at 4:03 pm #

    I nominated you for the Sunshine award!

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