Nail Pens

16 May

Sally Hansen’s “Nail Art Pens” was the first time I had seen polish in a pen form. I thought I was an great method of application, easier to handle since we have all used pens from a young age, so I had to try it. I bought the pink and purple pens to test, then got blue and white for Christmas. I’ve used them a couple of times since, but I am not a big fan. I thought it would be easy to use and make designs, but it was very difficult due to the uneven flow of polish out of the end. The liquid is thinner than I like, I had to apply a few layers, which also makes it hard to work with complicated designs. While I was waiting for my design to dry completely before putting on the top coat, the pen’s “polish” (doesn’t not feel or look like a typical nail polish) started to smudge. I swear if I were to rub my thumb over my nails, they would smudge to be blue and rub off…very strange. Before I put the top coat, I had to touch up the lines to make them more distinct, even while putting on the top coat it was smudging more. The top coat is a MUST when using these nail pens to seal the polish. The instructions say not to apply the pens directly to your nail, most of the time I don’t listen to instructions, but in this case I would want to put this on my nail because it would probably ruin them by bleeding through your nails.

I would not suggest buying these pens, I have not had very good experiences with them. Waste of your money.



To get this look:

  1. paint the entire nail white
  2. Sally Hansen’s blue Nail Art Pen to draw the strips
  3.  use Insta-Dri Blue-Away for half the nail (you can either tape the diagonal or just eyeball it). I would suggest not using the Insta-Dri if you eyeballing because the brush is difficult to use on the corner.
  4. for the dots, I used the white Nail Art Pen
  5. OPI Top Coat (a must!)



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