Prolonging Polished Nails

3 May

I still have not figured out the secret (if there is one) to keeping my nails unchipped after a week. BUT I have found a few things to be helpful to the longevity of them.

  1. Touch screen keyboard on your cell phone. I usually hate touch screen keyboards cause it’s not as accurate as a keyboard, but this actually helps to prolong the first chip. I love my Blackberry Torch because I can choose to use the touch screen function when I’ve got my nails done, but use the keyboard when they aren’t painted, which is usually the case.
  2. Try not to put so many thick layers. The more layers the thicker it is, and the easier the nail polish will peel/chip off.
  3. Let each layer COMPLETELY dry before adding the next coat. I am an impatient person that this one is sometimes difficult to follow. Since I do my own nails at home, I read/watch shows/Facebook inbetween each layer.
  4. Most recently, I discovered that by applying a Base Coat first, my nail polish lasts longer on my nails. I use OPI Base Coat.
  5. Avoid doing hard work with your hands. Even though putting off house work is not quite an option, this could be one reason to postpone it.
  6. Apply your top coat to the edge of the nail, this will help prevent the edge of the polish from snagging.

When chips do happen, touch them up right away so that they don’t become any larger (chips prone to chipping more) or you can take this time to change the look up by adding sparkle/crackle nail polish on top.

I find that sparkly nails hide chipped nails better than solid coloured nails.


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