Practicing a Steady Hand

25 Apr

First thing I practiced doing, before even attempting a design, was lines.  Vertically; horizontally. I find that vertical lines are so much easier than horizontal lines. This is the case because of the natural curve of the nail makes vertical lines a bit trickier. Try doing multiple lines on your nail as a test to get a feel of the brush (used the thin brush), this will be harder than practicing on paper. Don’t get discouraged, keep practicing, overtime you will have a steadier hand.

At the beginning, what helped for me was keeping the brushed hand steady by resting it on the table or my leg and subtly moving the hand that I was painting on. Now, I do the opposite, move my brushed hand because I have a steadier hand than when I started. I keep the brush almost parallel to the line I would want to make, then tilt the tip of the brush to the nail (to make contact) and drag it in one fluid motion in the direction that I want the line to be. Test out both ways, see if that helps.

For December, I did candy cane stripes. Diagonal stripes were difficult, but the hardest part was getting an even spacing between each



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