22 Apr

For Christmas I got Sally Hansen’s Crackle nail polish. The crackle nail polish was not what I expected (it could just be the quality of the brand), it was quite finicky.  I thought you apply the polish thickly on top of your coloured nails and it would just start cracking on it’s own.  The only way for mine to work was to put the polish on thinly and then drag the brush over it multiple times. It doesn’t turn out the same every time. I had to redo a few of my nails because they didn’t turn out well or at all.



Even though the application to get a nice looking crackle was tricky, I like the outcome, especially the blue on yellow.



I will try the Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat again, a few more times, see if I can master the application. Also, I will have to try the OPI Crackle, see if there’s a difference between brand quality and results, some time in the future before deciding on a final judgement about crackle nail polish.


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