Happy Easter!

8 Apr



A few of the colours I mixed because I don’t have all the colours yet (the pink, orange, and purple). Within the hour of finishing these nails, I got my first compliment from the waitress at dinner, she was surprised that I did them myself. This reassured the fact that I did a good job.

Nail Art Paint

This was the first time I have used the nail art paint by Kiss, with a thin brush applicator. I was not a big fan, the polish smells really strong and like gasoline.  I love using a thin brush, but I think that you could just use a thin paint brush and dip it into your existing nail polish colours. The polish is quite thin that you have to apply mulitple layers, which would be difficult to do if you were working with a complex design.  Using your regular nail polish (white, in this case) would give the design a cleaner and brighter look. I don’t think the product is worth buying. I will probably just use the brush from this product with other polishes, since I’ve already paid for this, may as well use it.


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