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Practicing a Steady Hand

25 Apr

First thing I practiced doing, before even attempting a design, was lines.  Vertically; horizontally. I find that vertical lines are so much easier than horizontal lines. This is the case because of the natural curve of the nail makes vertical lines a bit trickier. Try doing multiple lines on your nail as a test to get a feel of the brush (used the thin brush), this will be harder than practicing on paper. Don’t get discouraged, keep practicing, overtime you will have a steadier hand.

At the beginning, what helped for me was keeping the brushed hand steady by resting it on the table or my leg and subtly moving the hand that I was painting on. Now, I do the opposite, move my brushed hand because I have a steadier hand than when I started. I keep the brush almost parallel to the line I would want to make, then tilt the tip of the brush to the nail (to make contact) and drag it in one fluid motion in the direction that I want the line to be. Test out both ways, see if that helps.

For December, I did candy cane stripes. Diagonal stripes were difficult, but the hardest part was getting an even spacing between each




22 Apr

For Christmas I got Sally Hansen’s Crackle nail polish. The crackle nail polish was not what I expected (it could just be the quality of the brand), it was quite finicky.  I thought you apply the polish thickly on top of your coloured nails and it would just start cracking on it’s own.  The only way for mine to work was to put the polish on thinly and then drag the brush over it multiple times. It doesn’t turn out the same every time. I had to redo a few of my nails because they didn’t turn out well or at all.



Even though the application to get a nice looking crackle was tricky, I like the outcome, especially the blue on yellow.



I will try the Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat again, a few more times, see if I can master the application. Also, I will have to try the OPI Crackle, see if there’s a difference between brand quality and results, some time in the future before deciding on a final judgement about crackle nail polish.


22 Apr

Get your pedicures on, it’s coming up to that time of year when it’s warm out and we can finally wear sandals again! I’m not a pedicure type of person, leaving my toe nails undone, but it’s good to get it done (or do it yourself) to soften your feet and keep your cuticles clean. Colour is the key to having summery nails. Toe nails don’t need to much, even just a solid colour brightens them up and looks good.  If you do a design you only really have to it on your big toe, this is a great way to practice your designs since you have a bigger space to work with. I’m sure I will see more polished toe nails are the months go by. Excited see all the bright colours that people use!


Canadian Cancer Society’s Daffodil Month

21 Apr

April is coming to an end and so is the Canadian Cancer Society’s Daffodil Month. In support, I have painted daffodils on my nails. Not my finest work, but it’s more about the message. If you don’t have a pin yet, donate some money (every dollar counts) and get one. There are volunteers all around town promoting at high traffic areas. Wear a daffodil pin to show YOUR support for people living with cancer! Donations are all year round, not just in April so please support the Canadian Cancer Society so that they continue to do what they do.

Daffodil Day is April 27
















For more info and to donate, go to

Cherry Blossoms

15 Apr


Springtime is upon us again with cherry blossom trees in bloom. I love walking down a street on a nice sunny day with a bunch of cherry blossom trees on either sides of the road. My favourite cherry blossoms are the light pinks ones, whenever I see these gorgeous blossoms they makes me smile and feel happy.  They brighten up my day. It is unfortunate that they are only in bloom for a short while, but I guess it’s what my boyfriend says, “that’s what makes cherry blossoms so special”.

A Few Things

12 Apr

My nail polish collection is small, not tiny, but I wish I had more variety. I don’t even have all the colours, most of the time I have to mix the polishes. This is my collection after 1 year. I don’t have fancy tools, the fanciest thing I have are long thin brushes, honestly you can just use like a cheap thin paint brush. I doodle, practice, or test a design out to see if I like it on paper first. The sheet at the bottom middle of the third picture was something I used to keep a log of the different designs I came up with, so that in the future I could used one I had already done or one from my templates.


These were given to me from my aunt in Australia, which I have mentioned in my first post.  Anyways, my point is, work with what you have.  Of course there are some essentials that I would suggest having: black and white (of course), your favourite nail polish colours, clear top coat, a base coat (recently learned), and a thin brush (only if you want to do designs).

Mixing colours is totally fine, turns out and people don’t even know. I have been using paper, but switched to a plastic sheet so that it doesn’t absorb all my paint. For the longest time I didn’t have any green polish, except for “Mint Sorbet” (by Xtreme), but that was not a vibrant green that I usually want to use.  I’d mix blue and yellow, the green always came out a different shade since I’d wing it, but oh well I’d just go with it. The green from my “Go Canucks Go” nails (the post prior to this one) were mixed. For Christmas, my boyfriend bought multiple green nail polishes, nail art pens and crackle polish (which I will get into in later posts). I finally got green nail polish! It’s great, but I’m still mixing for green and other colours because you never have the exact shade you want, unless you have a collection of like 100 different nail polishes.

While I was experimenting with different things, I tried making sparkling nail polish. In my mind, it made sense to just add the desired sparkles to the paint colour you want, then mixing it together. No, do not do that haha. I ended up getting a granulated goop.  I learned that to get the effect, just paint your nails the colour you want and while the it’s still wet, sprinkle the sparkle on top.


Base Coat:

I only recently started using a base coat, didn’t ever use one cause I thought it’s a waste of money, but it does help to keep my polished nails lasting longer (not for weeks, but for several days). Also, it helps to prevent your nails from going yellow, which for those of you who paint their nails regularly, you know that that happens. For those who have not used a base coat, I suggest trying it. Although I’m sure everyone’s already using it, not like I’m discovering anything new in the universe, but it’s new to me.


The storage of your nail polishes and equipment doesn’t have to be fancy. I know many people have professional make-up/nail kits, like the OPI Nail Storage Box, but you really don’t need one. It’d probably be very nice to keep your polishes in them, but I think it’s a waste of money. I’d rather spend that money on polishes and supplies. I keep my nail stuff in a box, a shoe box is a bit big for my collection, I think shoe boxes are a great storage item. If you have lots of stuff, you can use multiple boxes and just stack them in the corner for storage.

Doing nails as a hobby doesn’t have to be expensive!


Go Canucks Go

12 Apr

This was one of my first designs, in the spirit of the playoffs.  Good luck to the Canucks again this year.